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Club And Life Skill Activities  
CCE Clubs & Life Skill Activities
DAV Public School Thane  follows CCE –Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation introduced by CBSE . The students are evaluated periodically,  at the same time continually aiming for the holistic development of the students.
Both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects are given due recognition and importance, so as to implement CCE effectively.
In the Scholastic areas the subject taught (English, Hindi, Marathi, Maths, Science, Social Science) are evaluated through Formative and Summative Assessment.
Formative Assessment is carried out during the course of instruction providing feedback to both the teachers and learners.
Summative Assessment is carried out at the end of the course of learning. 
Subjects like Art and Craft, Music, G.K., Moral Education, P.T. and Computer are considered as Graded Subjects and evaluated periodically.
The Co-Scholastic elements include Life Skills, (Thinking, Social and Emotional Skills), Visual and Performing Arts, Attitudes and Values of the students towards various issues.
The school provides ample opportunities to the students in co-curricular activities also through the formation and functioning of Clubs. Literary, Science, ICT, Heritage, Health and Wellness, Environment Club, Cultural Club etc. are few of the clubs which bring out the latent talent of the students.
The students also get chance to play an array of sports and games, Scouts and Guides, Yoga , Gymnastics etc. enhance their physical health.
Thus with the implementation of CCE, both the academic excellence and abilities, attitudes and aptitudes of students are taken into consideration resulting in the all round development of the students.
Life skill Activities are conducted every Saturday.
We conduct various co-scholastics,  Life Skill activities through these clubs:
Heritage Club
Science & Maths Club
Literary Club
Health & Wellness Club
Cultural Club
Sports Club
Environment Club
Jai Hind Club
Human Rights Club
Dance & Drama Club
Recreational Club
Gardening Club
Photography Club
Editorial Club
Life  Skill Activities
The life skill comprises of thinking skill, social skill and emotional skill. The absorption of these skills helps the students dealing with life’s situation in a positive manner. Due to nuclear family system it has become necessary to incorporate these skills in school curriculum. So activities are planned accordingly to evaluate the students on life skills.
Activities to enhance their Emotional and Thinking skills. For eg Students of std IX were asked to enact a very emotional moment/incident in their life and later few students were asked their reaction on the same moment or incident.
Activities such as street plays on social issues, making family tree, self identification, role play, object drawing, self analysis, and group discussion are conducted.
Life skill activities help the student to inculcate critical & creative thinking, self awareness, sensitize them and help them to analyze their inter personal relationship.