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DAV Public School, Thane ventured into ISA with the sublime intent of enhancing the current efforts of the school towards encouraging curiosity in our young students through a balanced and holistic approach towards education. The school strives to imbibe internationalism by including in its agenda comprehensive subjects like environmental sustainability, health and hygiene, religion and culture etc and to promote a vision of unparallel exposure, preparing the students for unseen challenges in a dynamic and multifaceted global environment. So, global issues should be incorporated in the planning of the school.

  • To generate awareness among the students about the diversity in culture, religions, languages, customs without losing the essence of their own cultural diversity.
  • To understand the various global issues and relate them to the social and national level.
  • To understand the influence of literature on the world today.
  • To realize the importance of interdependence among countries and promoting mutual growth and a multilateral thought process.
  • To highlight the status of the environment and to mobilize the collective efforts towards sustaining it and enhance their understanding based on facts, scientific research and online interactions with their peers.
  • To celebrate the concepts of universal religion and to embellish interpersonal skills that will enhance the qualities being a global citizen.
  • To enhance the knowledge of the value of health and hygiene techniques followed in different countries and discern their importance in physical well being.
  • To promote a sense of well being, balance and respect for universal values.
  • To enhance their knowledge of various existing forms of government across the world.
  • To sensitize them towards the initiative and contribution of various events and leaders towards the making of their constitution.
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